Live speaking events, media hits and performances for 2021

*Landon hosts FREEDOM WARRIORS on IG Live weekly. Follow her on Instagram to view. For specific time and airing date announcements please follow Landon on social media.

7/20-7/24 Speaking & Performing at The Coalition To End Sexual Exploitation Online Global Summit

7/9-7/11 Performing National Anthem at CPAC Dallas,TX

7/6/21 Guest on Tipping Point (OANN) 9PM/Eastern

7/1/21 Guest on Ari Hoffman Show 570 KVI Seattle

6/23/21 Guest on Speak Truth Without Fear IG Live 9/PM Eastern

6/21/21 Guest on Tipping Point (OANN) 9PM/Eastern

6/18/21 Panelist at Faith & Freedom Coalition Summit, Orlando FL

6/17/21 Guest on Tipping Point (OANN) 9PM/Eastern

6/7/21 Speaking at Private Event  Virginia Beach, VA

5/31/21 Guest on Tipping Point (OANN) 9PM/Eastern

5/29/21 Speaking at Medical Freedom Rally Franklin, TN

5/13/21 Faith N’ Freedom Conference Dallas, TX

4/28/21 Guest on Lynn’s Warriors 1460AMNY, WVOX

4/10/21 Save America Summit Miami, FL

4/8/21 Panelist -End Sex Trafficking Panel-Latinos For Tennessee

4/5/21 Landon on GrowUp Podcast with Congressman Chip Roy

4/3/21 Speaking -Private Event Franklin, TN

3/30/21 Landon on GrowUp Podcast with Rudy Guilliani

3/12/21 Landon on GrowUP Podcast with Lara Logan

2/28/21 Performing at CPAC Orlando, FL

1/15/21 Speaking- Blexit Talks South Carolina



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